Looking For Passion?

Looking For Passion?

Passion takes enormous part in Spaniards lives. Passion witnesses every second of their existence and, without this feeling, the days would be only lukewarm for them. Passion starts when they wake up. And if you think that passion relates only to love life, you are heavily mistaken. If one day you will meet a Spanish person, look deeply for this feeling in their eyes, I promise, you will not have to wait long. Always there will be something – ask what they think about their food and you will see these little sparkles in their pupils. You might inquiry about politics and you will see passion with the drop of dissatisfaction. Or maybe ask about their dreams, traveling, family?

Sometimes you will sense passion intertwined with pride and, it is easy to understand that, for Spanish person if there is no passion, there is no life. Still…I would advise to be cautious when getting addictive to this feeling, if not looked after, it might burn you out and leave your soul wasted.



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