Barcelona in August – 5 Things to Enjoy

Barcelona in August – 5 Things to Enjoy

Empty streets on your way to work – no traffic jams and ability to cross the street on a red light not being afraid of the coming cars. Yes, yes, sometimes in Barcelona I feel that the traffic lights does not exist! Empty metro, buses and there are no uneducated kids screaming in elevator while trying to press as many buttons as possible before you reach the ground floor. This is especially annoying when you are late to work.

Slow rhythm in the office – it is very empty as most of the people are on holidays. To hear a phrase: ¨Now it is the holiday period, so please expect the delay in our response¨ seems like a valid excuse in an email. Although it is hard to explain for the people from US or Northern Europe, in Spain it sounds as a perfectly tailored sentence.

Swim in a sea till your skin gets wrinkled – in August the water becomes pleasantly refreshing especially when it so hot outside. Indeed, all the heat lovers – welcome to Barcelona in August!

Eat mouth-watering fruits – although in Spain each month is famous for specific fruits. For me, August wins it all! It seems that grapes, bananas, nectarines, peaches, watermelons become so sweet, so refreshing that I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fiestas de Gràcia – a must see event! This is one of my favorite of all times celebration in Barcelona that starts on the 15th of August and lasts till the 21st. The streets are being decorated with specific theme – it could be an underwater world, scenes from the movie Avatar, or you can imagine yourself California and enjoy surfing mood on the streets of Barcelona. All the decorations are done by the local people who actually live in that district. By the way, in 2017 there will 200 years existence anniversary of these fiestas and I swear – it is a must see event!!!




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