Love Life Spain is a blog designed to show the magical, interesting and attractive allure of Spanish culture, travelling and gastronomy. With a special focus on exceptional everyday habits and important celebrations, the goal is to spread the knowledge about the unique lifestyle and places to be found in Spain in an elegant way. So if you are interested in exploring, then grab your favourite drink and prepare to fall in love with Spain!



In 2011 I moved to Barcelona with an intention to stay only for one year. I didn’t know that this city will become home of my heart. I have no idea which path my life will take in the future or which direction I may buy one-way flight ticket but I am pretty sure that I will always return to Barcelona. The city where I have discovered my own secret of three most important things in my life. Now I know that I couldn’t live without sea by my side, a cup of good coffee and the third thing I will leave to discover yourselves reading my stories in this blog.

I am a person who likes to observe and analyse things around me. This is the reason why it was not difficult for Vicky to convince me to start this blog. I believe that each person should do something meaningful in his or her life, so let’s LoveLifeSpain blog be my contribution to help those who are looking to find an answer about life in Spain…:)


I am a Barcelona based blogger who is madly in love with everything that is related to Spain. In 2013, I have finished my Masters degree in Human Resources and started working in an international company in Barcelona. This is how I met Vaida, my coworker, friend and partner in this blogging adventure.

I travelled around Spain and gathered knowledge about the places, celebrations, daily habits, and food to be found in this great country, so I thought, why not to spread this knowledge? You will discover my personality in the articles I write – curious and playful, stubborn and critical. I love showing Spain from different angles; in this way, each person can create their own unique picture of Spain.

I enjoy helping on your Spanish expedition as well, so don’t be shy!  Contact us below or in our comments section and I hope you will learn something new while reading the blog!


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