So, who am I?

I am the one who moved to Barcelona more than 3 years ago and created the life I am currently IMG-20160619-WA0029having from scratch. The only thing that I had was my work, but life is more than that. Now I am having beautiful relationships, living independently, travelling as much as I want and falling in love every day.

I am a brave, curious, authentic, honest and open person. I am in a search of authenticity in the places I visit and in the people I meet. I know that life sometimes is not smiling back, on a contrary – throws more difficult situations and challenges on your shoulders and then patiently waits….will you stand up this time?

That is why I have also learned to enjoy the moments, simple words and gestures. I believe that laughing helps a lot and that real “How are you?” might save a life. This is where the magic hides.

Happy reading!



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